Marketing & Outdoor Advertising

NexConneX’s full service marketing and advertising arm provides superior high quality services and outdoor advertising mediums. We supplying benches, billboards, bus shelters, directional signs and other mediums designed to increase visibility for businesses The company's success will be directly related to the success and appearance of its customer's advertisements. Currently served are companies in Dominica Companies in Antigua and St. Lucia will be serviced in the near future.


●Shelter Ads

●Bus Stop Bench Ads

●Outdoor advertising


●P.O.P. Displays

●Bill Boards

●Product Launch

●New Business Launch

●In store Display Merchandising

●Special Events Planning

●Adopt a Bin

●Directional Tree Signs

If your business draws from specific areas or even a neighborhood, NexConneX will put your message right in the eyes of passing drivers and passengers, and those stuck waiting in traffic lines. All those coming and going at bus stops will see your message. And at busy corners, benches will catch the eye of all pedestrians. 24 hours a day, everyday! It's a win-win, no-lose situation. Small businesses with limited budgets, big businesses that want to extend budgets beyond the limits, and advertising agencies that want to add a powerful ingredient to their media mix will all find success using Bench Express and Advertising Company. Benches serve as a reminder for your old customers and introduce you to people new in your market.


NexConneX will be solely responsible for the upkeep of the signs and the benches. This includes any replacement sign posting or bench repair because of defacing or damage. In wet areas, a clear protective coat is applied to prevent damage to copy. Each bench is designed for the rigors of public service. Bench Xpress personnel are well equipped to handle any maintenance needs.


NexConneX will aid you in making sure ads deliver the message you require. Our in-house design and production facilities assure optimal creativity and quality. The initial standard production cost is included in these rates. You can make an even bigger splash with a full color, photo realistic sign. Twelve square feet of impact space is at your service.


NexConneX is responsible for all fees, permits and taxes. It is solely liable for its benches and is insured against personal liability and property damage.


NexConneX invoices annually. A deposit of at least the first month is required of our new accounts, along with advance payment of any production charges.

Economical The average cost of reaching thousands each day is far less than any media, including direct mail. The most cost effective form of "Out of Home" advertising. Only word of mouth advertising costs less and that's free. NexConneX Advertising Company uses only the finest materials to create the best design and finest artwork. (All production is completed in-house.) Our benches are also quality controlled with year-round maintenance. Public Service Our benches are also a convenience for the public, especially our senior citizen, who appreciate a place to sit while waiting for their bus. Their effectiveness, therefore takes on a two-fold effect: the advertiser gets his message to the public; the community appreciates the service the benches offer them. Effective Because of eye level you'll never strain your neck or your eyes looking at our advertising benches. Our benches are placed within a few feet of passing autos and walking pedestrians. Therefore, your message is much closer to the reader than the very distant standard billboards. Broad Coverage There are many locations to choose. The more locations you choose, the more coverage you can corner your market with. Try and do that with one billboard for the same price. Exclusive Advertising benches are exclusively our territory. There is never a need to compete for attention with another ad at your locations. Try to get this from other forms of media. Success Our company has only been in business for a few months. Your success is our success.


Need to reach those who are out and about?

Want to supplement outdoor and major media?

Avoid another budget dilemma.

Bus bench ads make cents -- street cents.

No Lost Cents...

Target by demographics or geographics. Village to city; city to city, street to street.

Economic Cents...

Maximize your exposure and sale profits... not expenses.

Creative Cents...

Production enhancements and standardized panels facilitate use and design. Designs for painted bulletins and transit taillights are easily used.

Visual Cents...

Utilize these eye level "mini-billboards" to increase awareness of your business and products.