Our Business Development Work

NexConneX works with businesses worldwide by developing Marketing Strategies, Business Plan and through the provision of Management Advisory Services that are hands on, effective and results oriented

Training and Executive Seminars

Visions & Concepts provides executive seminars from our in-depth knowledge of issues confronting the non-profit sector. Each seminar is customized to the client and supported with current market research, relevant examples, and case studies. Also other leading content experts are used when necessary to provide more intimate knowledge on a given topic. Our trainings programs focus on:

a.Team Building

b.Board Development

c.Planned Giving

d.Accounting practices

e.Marketing/Media Campaigns

f.Strategic Planning

g.Business Plan Development

Meeting & Conference Facilitation

Visions & Concepts provides meeting and conference facilitation services with special emphasis on Strategic Planning outcomes. Services include:

●Identifying the stakeholders

●Developing, preparing & circulating the meeting agenda and collateral material

●Coordinate the relevant expertise/presenters

●Identify the problems/issues

●Define the purpose/outcome

●Create recognizable goals

●Elicit ideas and innovations

●Preparation of meeting notes

●Devise final outcome reports and or strategic plans for resolution.

●Create timelines and accountabilities.

●Handle slippage proactively.

●Site Selection

●Tracking RSVP’s

●Arranging Audio/Visual Requirements

●Coordination catering arrangements

Accounting and Financial Services

This all-encompassing service is intended to enhance our product offering-by-offering capable accounting and financial services to meet the needs of our client base. The service will involve preparation of budgets, accounting systems set up, cost accounting, financial analysis, cash flow statements, advertising budgets, investment strategies, etc…

Marketing Strategies, Business Planning and Management Advisory Services

●Company Diagnostics

●Rebranding and positioning strategies

●Business Plan Preparation

●Marketing Strategy Plans

●Strategic Plans

●Competitor Analysis

●Market Research Studies

●Brand and Image Awareness

●Customer Relations Manuals

●Market Analysis

●Public Opinion Research

●Feasibility Studies

●Market Access Strategies

●Plant Engineering

●HACCP/GMP Certification

●Product Development

●Website Development

●Data Base Development

●Information Technology Software Development

Media/Advertising Campaign

●Advertising Development

●Advertisement placement

●Campaign management

●Brand Development

●Product Launch Campaign

●Social Media Management Services